Sunday, May 17, 2015

Can I get free Antivirus?

Antivirus software is a very confusing subject for most consumers. There are lots of different software programs to choose from including Mcafee, AVG, Avast, Norton, etc. Many people have expired antivirus products and don't even know it. While other people may be paying for antivirus already included for free with their internet service providers. This article will discuss a few different quality antivirus options available.

First, a lot of consumers are unaware that their internet service provider may already offer them a FREE antivirus product. Comcast/Xfinity offers their customers free Norton Security Suite and it is valid for up to seven computers. You will need your Comcast email address and password to download the software. If you don't know your Comcast email address and password, call
their customer service team to retrieve it. Here are the download links for Comcast's Norton Security Suite:
PC/Windows - Constant Guard

Now, if you use AT&T as your internet service provider, you may be eligible for their FREE security suite through Mcafee. In order to get Mcafee for free, you need to have Uverse internet or DSL at 3mbps or higher. With AT&T you can download the free Mcafee antivirus on up to 4 computers. Here is the download link for AT&T and you will also need your AT&T user name and password:

With that being said, here are two of the top rated PAID subscription antivirus programs currently available. PCMag rated Bitdefender and Kaspersky as the top two antivirus products of 2015. Bitdefender is touted because of its high independent lab tests in blocking malware, unsafe websites, and phishing websites. It also has a simple and unobtrusive interface making it very user friendly. Price wise Bitdefender's home antivirus software runs between $60-$90 a year and covers up to three computers.

Kaspersky received its high ranking for simplicity, virus protection, and strong malware blocking. Kaspersky's price is between about $60-$80/year and covers up to three computers as well. Both of these antivirus options offer premium protection and many additional security features. Make sure to utilize all of your licenses if you have multiple computers in your household.  


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