Saturday, June 20, 2015

Reduce Your Smartphone Bill and Fatten Your Wallet

In this day and age, owning a smartphone is almost as common as owning a toothbrush. It is amazing that some of the best technology fits into the palm of our hand. Current smartphones allow people to do so much more than just call. They are essentially mini computers with touch screens that can make anyone feel high tech. With that being said, whether you are low income, wealthy, or somewhere in between, we can all use a little help reducing our smartphone bills. 

In this article, I will give you five important tips for shrinking your bill and fattening your wallet.

Tip #1: DO join your brother, mother, sister, aunt, or cousins smartphone plan. A phone plan with just one person on it is normally significantly more expensive than sharing a plan.
Tip #2: DO take a look at prepaid (aka No Contract) plan options. These are particularly cost effective for someone who rarely uses their phone or has to be on a plan by themselves. I am currently on a prepaid AT&T smartphone plan that costs $63/month including tax. This plan gives me unlimited talk and text, plus 3gb of 4g data. 
Tip #3: DO look over your most recent phone bill with a fine tooth comb. This will ensure that there are no unnecessary charges. Also, if you don’t understand a charge, call your carrier about it. Cutting off small extra monthly charges can save you big money in the long run.
Tip #4: DO factor in additional monthly charges. Taxes, fees, and service charges can cost you up to 20% extra on top of your monthly rate plan. Always consider this before making your final decision on which rate plan to choose.
Tip #5: DO ask your wireless carrier if the company you work for receives a monthly service discount. Even if it is your own personal smartphone bill, working for a certain company (normally larger corporations), may entitle you to monthly discounts. To receive these discounts, you normally need to sign up with a company email address or show proof of employment with a recent paycheck stub. 

In conclusion, to reduce your smartphone bill you need to be diligent when picking your plan and actively watch your bill. Once, you get your bill to a price you are comfortable with, check with your carrier twice a year to see what new plans and savings may be available. The wireless industry changes frequently so be sure to watch your smartphone bill and don't let it turn into a car payment!! Comment below with more bill saving tips.

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