Friday, July 3, 2015

Avoid the Small Business Headache, Use a Social Media Tool

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"Social Media" image by Sean MacEntee licensed under CC BY 2.0
The social media landscape keeps growing and changing like never before. A small business may want to have a presence on Facebook, Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and maybe even Periscope. Managing all of these social media profiles can definitely become cumbersome and even a burden. As a small business owner, it is hard to make time to post and keep up with all of these profiles. Also, deciding which social media websites to focus on is an important decision for your business.

A tool that I LOVE, which makes posting on social media simpler and less time consuming is Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a social media management platform designed specifically for small business. You can link up your social media profiles, write one post, and it will blast it out to all of your profiles. Now, I don't have to log in and write the same message on multiple pages/profiles. This saves me lots of time on a daily basis! With Hootsuite, you can post directly on your computer or use their app. Hootsuite offers three different plans depending on your small business needs. They offer a free version where you can post using up to three different social media profiles. They also offer a business version ($9.99/mo) that allows you to post on up to 100 profiles. Wow! Finally, there is an unlimited plan option, which looks to cater to the larger companies.

Overall, Hootsuite is pretty user friendly and there are resources on the website to help you learn how to use the platform. Besides social media posting, you can also track the performance of your posts and analyze different data. This social media tool can make your small business much more efficient and organized. Comment below if you use Hootsuite or what other Social Media Tools you recommend.


  1. Great article. I love Facebook and twitter the most. Even they give a chance to promote your brand or website.
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    1. Thank you! Yes those are both great platforms to use for promotion. The social media landscape just keeps getting bigger and bigger.